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Our Policy

Our Policy at EFEX EXECUTIVE it to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers and to meet their needs in the highest quality possible. We hold this values in highest regard and these is embellished in each and every one of our staff.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we do that by training ALL our personnel to understand that our customers are the real owners of our business. Hence, our emphasis remains on safety, quality service and customer satisfaction.

We also adopt this safety and comfort policies to our hotel and hospitality arms.


At EFEX Executive, we take safety and training very seriously and have instituted a number of policies and procedures to ensure that everyone in the company — especially our drivers — understand its importance.


After extensive interviews and background checking process, driver applicants are invited to attend the Efex’s training program. Our in-depth training is designed to maximize the success of each trainee. We are unique in that our training consists of both classroom and on-the-road sessions, and it trains for the following:

  • defensive driving technique
  • Dispatch procedures
  • Client relations
  • Vehicle safety and inspection
  • Driver safety
  • Minimum 6 hours each quarter of refresher training is used to reinforce concepts and maintain important skills
  • Vehicle Age – All vehicles are new (no vehicle on our fleet is older than 3 years!)
  • Maintenance – State of the art Maintenance Management is given to every vehicle in our fleet