Terms and Condition

  • The passenger capacity and speed limit of this bus are indicated on the body, passenger advised to insist on compliance.
  • Smoking is not allowed on board.
  • Luggage is carried without inspection at owner’s risk.
  • Illegal or contraband goods shall not be accepted for carriage.
    • A passenger who does so is at his or her own risk without the consent or collaboration of the company.
  • This Bus Service stops only at the Efex Transport Terminal and at other designated and authorized shown on the ticket.
  • Passenger must be at Terminal thirty (30) minutes before the indicated departure time shown on the ticket.
  • Confirmed tickets with seat numbers will be surcharged 50% of fare if the passenger fails to turn up 30 minutes before departure.
  • Carrier undertakes to use its best effort to carry the passenger and baggage with reasonable dispatch. Times shown in the time tables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract.
  • Carrier may without notice substitute alternate carriers or vehicles, it may ale or omit stoppings places shown on the tickets in case of necessity. The schedule is subject to change without notice. Carriers assume no responsibility for making connections
  • No agent, servant representative or carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of the contract.
  • Carrier reserve the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket and is subject to change prior to commencement of travel. Cancelled trip by the passenger shall attract a service charge of 15% of the ticket cost, provided cancellation was made at least 30 minutes before departure time.
  • Tickets are valid for use within 60 days from date of purchase and are subject to the notices and conditions above.
  • La limite de capacite d’une passage et de vitesse de Get autobus est indiquee sur le corps. Le passenger est conselle d’insiser pour la conformite .
  • on ne perment pas a bard la tabagisme.
  • Le baggage sontportes sans inspection etau risque du proprietaire.
  • Des marchandies illigales aucontrabande ne serrant pas acceptes pour le chariot. Un passager qui dosent ainisi a son proper risque sans consestment va collaboration de la compagme.
  • Les arrest d’ autobus est seulement sur les gares de transport Efex et a auture ant indique et autorise commene d’arrests d’autobus.
  • Les passagers doiventetre a la gare trente (30) minutes avant le tempts indique de depart montre sur le billet (ticket)
  • Les billet (tickets) confirmee avec des nombres de siege sera surcharge 50% de prix si le passager n’indique 30 minutes avant le depart.
  • Le porteur’s engage a employer san meiler effort de porte l’expedition , le passager et des baggages bien.
  • Le portreur sans notification faire la replacement des vehicules et peut et desendooritis ou omettre arreter montes sur le billet (Ticket).
  • Ancum agent , domestique our representative our porteur n’a la’autorite pour changer, modifier our ecarter n’importe quelle fourniturede ce contrat.
  • Le voyage decommande par le passanger attireta des frais administratifs de 15% de cout de billet. Si l’annulation tait faite au mains a 30mins avant temps de depart.
  • Le billet est valide pour I’isage dans 60 jours de date d’achate et est subject aut notices et autx conditions ci-dessus.